Adopting a cat

Adopting a cat is an important decision. Much more important than many think, unfortunately, and it should not be made lightly; you should reflect on the pros and cons. Remember it is a new life that you will be in charge of. You will be responsible for taking care of and making this cat happy. Therefore it is a very important step.

And because of this, we would like you to ask yourself a series of questions before adopting a kitten. You will see they are not very complicated to answer. But above all, you must be honest. Your and your future cat’s happiness will depend on your answers. Are you ready? Let’s go:
• Are you ready to dedicate at least half an hour a day to care for it, feed it, clean it, love it, etc.? For the next fifteen or twenty years?
• Are all those in your family environment or home in agreement and do they accept your decision to have a cat? Remember, the cat is one more in the house, and all should want to have it.
• Is someone around you allergic to cats?
• Are you ready to pay the extra bills that a cat incurs: food, vet bills, etc.?
• Do you have enough space so that your new companion will feel comfortable in its new home?
• If you don’t want your cat to reproduce, are you prepared to sterilize it? It is better to sterilize a cat than to later terminate its kittens, which, unfortunately, many people do.
• A cat can cause some damage in the house with its nails…are you prepared to accept them and love the cat unconditionally?
• Will the cat spend a great part of the day alone? If this is the case, do you think the cat will be very sad and experience behavioral trauma?
We will repeat that you must be honest in your answers. To clarify, with these we don’t want to convince you not to adopt a cat, but to make you conscious of the decision you are going to make, so that you have a good idea and do not regret it later. There are too many cats that are abandoned by their owners to not think about these questions beforehand.

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