Cat diseases that affect humans

So do cats carry any infections that could affect you? Hmm, the answer maybe yes though most diseases may not spread. If you own a pet there can be many infections which could spread from pets to you if you have not taken certain measures while handling your pet. The diseases spread from cats to humans can be termed as zoonotic disease.

Checking up a cat

Cat Scratch Fever

A bacterial disease spread from an infected cat by a cat scratch on any wound or injured area. The infected saliva will come in contact with the skin infecting the person. Cats normally gets this disease through infected fleas, ticks in their body while feeding on non-sterile conditions. Ticks carry this disease to humans via the scratch or licking. The infected cat can be identified by swollen glands and intermittent fever. Humans when infected show muscle pain, fever, fatigue, headache and swollen lymph nodes. Antibiotic treatment method is adopted.


A parasitic disease caused from contact with infected cat feces. A risk for pregnant women as it can affect the unborn or the fetus. Cats attain this disease by feeding on unpasteurized milk, infected meat or prey. Cats may not show up any signs of this disease whereas humans may encounter with flu. At some cases it can result in mental disability if it passes to the infant from an infected mother. Antibiotic treatment is much necessary. It is safe not to handle cat while pregnant.


The most dangerous disease which can spread from cat to humans as it can result in fatality for both. The infection is caused by rhabdoviridae virus which could basically spread from mammals to humans. A rabid animal should not be entertained further and it good to call up the animal control officer. If you got any scratch, bite or lick from a rabid cat do get medical care at the earliest, wash the area with running water and soap or antiseptic iodine. Even cat is vaccinated at frequent intervals and observed.


Worms such as roundworm, ringworm, tapeworm, hookworm can affect humans through cats. Round worm can spread through infected feces to humans and can reach brain, liver or eyes. The risk of the disease is high in children who ingest these roundworms out of ignorance or being in unhygienic environment. The person may show severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, blindness if it affects eyes. Round is treated by anti-parasitic drugs. Ringworm is a fungal disease which is transmitted via cat fur or skin to humans. Ringworm on cats can be identified by round patches on cat’s body, greasy skin, infected nails, etc. OTC anti-fungal lotions are used to treat infected patients.

Strep Throat

Bacterial infection caused by  streptococcus A from cats to humans. This bacteria may reside in cat without showing symptoms physically but infects humans if come in contact with the bacteria through bite or scratch.

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