Choose your cat that matches your personality

Cats have amazing personalities and characteristics. Each type of breed has its own distinct and unique temperament that you will adore or simply drive you crazy. Some cats are independent while others can be clingy.


Before you even consider getting a cat as a pet, think about your own personality and what kind of traits you are looking for in a pet cat. Also, check on the various appearances, possible hereditary health concerns, and level of time needed for their care and maintenance. Cats make wonderful pets, and don’t miss out on sharing your home with one. Just make sure you choose the right cat with a personality that best suits your own.

Here are some of the more common cat breeds and their personalities, as well as what they love doing.

Manx Cat
Personality traits: Friendly, easy-going, loves to socialize
Character: Loves to climb and make friends with other people and animals
Best Suited for: Growing families, singles, first-time cat owners

American Short-hair Cat
Personality traits: Intelligent, gentle
Character: Very athletic
Best Suited for: Singles, first-time cat owners

Bengal Cat
Personality traits: Demanding, intelligent, active
Character: Vocal cats that need lots of attention
Best Suited for: Growing families, experienced cat owners

Abyssinian Cats
Personality traits: Curious, affectionate, active
Character: Requires a lot of physical and mental stimuli
Best Suited for: Families with children, practiced cat owners

Himalayan Cat
Personality traits: Calm, affectionate, easygoing
Character: Perfect indoor companions
Best Suited for: Families with older children, practiced cat owners
Himalayan cats may require a bit more care and maintenance because of their long thick coat.

Devon Rex Cat
Personality traits: Loves to be around people, playful, energetic
Character: Needs a lot of activity and attention
Best Suited for: Perfect for growing families

Maine Coon Cat
Personality traits: Intelligent, loves to socialize
Character: Being quit large, this breed is very inquisitive and love to hunt
Best Suited for: Singles, first-time cat owners

Norwegian Forest cat
Personality traits: Friendly, intelligent, gets along great with other animals
Character: Loves to climb
Best Suited for: Growing families, homes with other pets, first-time cat owners

Cornish Rex Cat
Personality traits: Loving, playful, loves being around people
Character: Craves for attention, needs space to frolic and run around
Best Suited for: Busy households

British Blue Cat
Personality traits: Loyal, shy, trusting
Character: Ideal lap cat, this breed dislikes loud chatter that children make
Best Suited for: Singles, people who live in quiet homes

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