Common cat skin diseases

Did you notice skin rashes or skin redness in your kitten? Some may go very worried or some may not even bother to see what the cat is going through. Here are some of the common cat skin diseases affecting felines.

Feline Acne
Feline acne is a common skin problem seen in cats. Acne is seen around lips, chin, and other parts of skin. Caused mainly due to allergic conditions, lack of proper care and skin irritation. Medicinal shampoo or gel is used to treat feline acne. Even antibiotics are prescribed to treat feline acne.

Bacterial Infection
Skin problems caused by bacteria residing under hair follicles. This skin infection disturbs the hair roots and can be treated using antibiotics and other skin care medicinal products.

This is seen as hard skin lesions on cats which may carry pus and results in inflammation. This fungal skin disease need to be treated at the earliest.

Psychogenic Alopecia
Skin disease caused by continuous grooming of cat’s fur. The fur becomes thin in a stripe fashion down the back region and also around abdomen. Caused by stress in cat. So the treatment is based on alleviating the stress levels with the help of pheromone diffusers, playing with cat and creating a friendly atmosphere.

Stud Tail
Skin problem caused due to excess oil secretion by the glands around the tail region. The top of the tail near the base region there will be presence of oily waxy brown smelly material accumulation. Treatment is using antiseborrheic shampoo which helps in breaking down excess oil production.

Food Allergy Dermatitis
Itching over head, neck, back and swelling around eyelids are seen in some cats when sensitive to certain food preservatives. This can result in hair loss, exudation of sores due to biting or scratches made. It is treated by maintaining a fixed diet to see upon the affecting food ingredient. Steroid shots are one treatment method.

Dry, Flaky Skin
Even cats got dry skin and dandruff problems affecting skin. Dandruff maybe due to poor diet, inadequate grooming, or also due to improper health conditions. A medicinal shampoo or other skin medication are prescribed to prevent skin drying up.

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