Japanese Bobtail cat

This is a very ancient breed in its country of origin, Japan. It is named “bobtail” because its tail only measures 10-12 cm. It is also curled with thick hair growing in all directions, like a pom-pom. In Japan, it is believed that the tortoiseshell and white cats bring good luck.

Its tail can measure from 8 to 10 cm, though some reach up to 12 cm in length, although they are coiled like a rabbit’s tail. The tail, which distinguishes it, is similar to the stubby Manx. The body of this cat is thin, though it is given to good musculature. The fur is medium length.
The Japanese Bobtail’s head is almost an equilateral triangle. Its nose is rounded and it has wide ears. Its eyes are big and oval. They can be any color that matches their fur.
The Japanese Bobtail has the reputation of being a very curious, affectionate, intelligent, lively cat. They enjoy human company and possess attractive personalities and smooth voices.
This breed of cat is ideal for the family as it adapts to house life as well as outside life. As it has a light coat, it only needs light daily brushing to maintain the conditions of its fur.
Breed classification: short haired/ semi longhaired cats
Life expectancy: 9-15 years.
Average kitten birth: 4 kittens
Average Weight: 5.5 – 8.8 pounds (2.5 – 4 kg)
Feeding: The Japanese Bobtail cat needs 80 kcal / kg / day. You should feed it with an abundance of fish in its diet.
Health: The Japanese Bobtail cats has no breed specific health problems and is able to live a long and active life. However, you should check its teeth and the proper functioning of the kidneys, especially after the age of eight years.
Energy: High
Shedding: Low
Compatibility with other cats: High
Compatibility with other animals: High
Compatible with children: High


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