Precautions adopting stray cats

Does anyone of you love adopting little cats you see down the streets? Is love towards kittens compromise on steps to be considered during adoption? Rescuing a stray cat adds along a lot of responsibility as well as precaution measures.

Stray cat for adoption

Check Out Between Feral And Stray

The most important step to take a cat home is see whether its a feral or stray cat. A stray cat is usually a lost cat found outdoors wandering places whereas a feral cat is much wild and can’t be domesticated. A vet could help you out.

Any Infection

It is very obvious that stray cats hunt and dwell in dirty or damp areas prone to many infections and diseases. It is good to check if the kitten is all fit and healthy before picking up. Cat rabies is common in stray cats and should be thoroughly considered if the kitten got any infection of that sort.

Trap The Cat

If you could manage getting the cat home without any animal agency help it is well and good or get a cat trap case to trap the injured or stray cat slowly and transport it immediately to home as cat should not be too nervous of carrying away in a cage.

Got A Vet Nearby

If you are rescuing though a wounded little kitten you can take to a nearby vet. So it is good to check for vet convenience nearby. A vet could treat the cat, give a vaccination, cleans up any wound, may ask to get the poop to examine worms or parasites  and also gives you instructions while adopting a stray cat.

Care The Scratch

As told above this step of precaution is very important. As you pick up a lost cat there is always a chance that the little one out of strangeness may purr and give a scratch on your hand. Never take it lightly. A scratch can lead to fatality as a cat bitten by a dog having rabies can spread the infection to human. Go immediate to the vet for a tetanus or antibiotic injection for yourself.

Cat Food

You know it a stray cat wandered around many places, not get fed properly. It is good you give food prescribed by the vet and not as you wish at first. This will make your kitten more healthy day by day.

Prepare Cozy Rest Place

Every kitten or cats like to rest in soft comfy place and they love sleeping long  hours. It is good you arrange a comfy place at the corner of your house or a small home for your stray cat. Why to disturb the cat first itself by taking it to your room and trying to pamper? Most cats may not like it first. Don’t worry they will soon get attached to you. If its a just born kitten provide it with a warm place to rest as it requires high temperatures. The place should be sterile and escape proof.

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