The Cats

Intelligent, elegant, mysterious, curious, independent animal… These are some of the many words you could use to try to describe the cat. As William of Aquitaine said, “Elegance wanted body and life, that is why it became a cat.” A saying that explains the perfection of style and elegance of the cats.
On Tobythecat you can find everything related to cats: popular breeds, articles on health, food and hygiene, advices for preventing illnesses, interesting cat facts…a great material for the cat lovers to discover more about these magnificent small size felines.
If you just got a kitten and don’t know what to do or how to take care of it, here you will find help. Guides and advice on feeding, hygiene, health and training will help you to offer your cat a better life and she will definitely love you for that.
Of course here you will find a lot of information about popular cat breeds like Siamese, Persian or Birman cats or unknown breeds like Chartreux, Toygger or Brumilla cats. You will learn about characteristics, character, habits or . All this is accompanied by fantastic photos.
Because we love to keep our memories with our cats, our website you will find many cat pictures and videos, some funnier than others. Here you will get to know a little more about cats by reading articles, watching movies or interact with other cat lovers.
“What greater gift than the love of a cat?” – Charles Dickens

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